Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hi guys
Well this is a frequently asked question as most guys see really hot women walking in the city and get confused as to what to do. This confusion leads to what we term "paralysis by analysis"

Imagine when you know exactly the mechanics of an approach and what to say. Think how this will boost your confidence and put you in that all-important upward successes spiral. Remember confidence feeds off success!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You have only got what you ve got!!

You have only got what you ve got!!

for us older guys we are mostly restricted..we have financial restraints and age restraints

we cant go to the popular clubs as we are to f$%&^ing old...we just look like an old pervert so no young attractive girl will ever talk to you..

money is probably tight as we have ex wifes and kids to pay for

so just go and talk to women as you go about you daily business and by using a structured approach method yo have a good chance at getting them into bed!

Welcome back to my blog and my first post for a few years


Monday, August 27, 2012

I have followed the evolution of the pick up industry for over a decade know and it has benefited me immensely.

I no longer think that the only place to pick up a girlfriend is a bar, in fact I now realize that for the 40+ guy it is the worst place.

Internet dating just means supplicating to women who have the upper hand on every site.

I can know simply pick up women as I choose through my day to day life.

All this advice is freely available at no cost.

Therefore I don’t engage in affiliate marketing or sell anything.

All I do is show guys what to do in the real world and guide them to the success level they want.

If you enjoy spending time studying and perfecting techniques in your bedroom then this is not for you

If you want to learn to play the game properly then get in touch.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Women Are Always Checking You Out!

Hi guys.
Do you feel that women don’t even look at you or show you any interest? I have discovered that they do and are very astute. However they do it covertly and are actually very good at doing it.
Once you realize this you see the importance of the basics of attraction. If women are formulating their feelings covertly they can only do this from visual and possibly audible observations. If you are interacting with another person she will be listening to your voice this reinforces that studies of human communication and human attraction run along the same lines.
Add to this that a woman formulates this opinion very quickly and you see that it is all about first impression, which is critical.
Recently I was working with a tall, young and good-looking guy. He couldn’t understand why women weren’t paying him any attention. I had him walk down the shopping mall while I filmed him covertly. When we examined the video he had his proof. Nearly every attractive girl checked him out as he walked by but very subtlety. This was only detectable from the third person view.
So the lesson is always maintain good body language, a smiling face and talk with good tonality at all times. You are being checked out!

Have you ever felt the frustration of not knowing how to approach that women you fancy?

You really don’t have to endure that feeling of frustration and confusion around women anymore.

Most guys think that being good with women is a gift but I can easily prove it is a learnable skill. Just take the plunge and you will turn around your dating life.

Together we will work out your own individual strategy for success.  Then within a few weeks you will be able to approach and talk to women simply as you go about your day to day business!


Talk To you soon Nathan..

I welcome feedback and all questions will be answered personally at However due to the personally interactive nature please be patient for your reply.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


by Renaissan on October 9, 2011
Post image for TOP TEN MISTAKES MEN MAKE WITH WOMEN 1. Showing too much sexual interest (Starting in Seduction): “The Creepy Guy”
A lot of guys show sexual interest in a woman before they attract and qualify her. They make it obvious to a woman they’re only interested in taking sex from her, without any regard to her as a person. It’s as if they say, “You don’t know me, wanna have sex?” Rather than be a getter, why not be a giver? Before seducing her, it’s best to let her see what you’re about, bring her some joy, and build comfort and trust. That way, you’ve built sexual interest in her as well.
2. Being too Nice (Starting in Comfort): “The Nice Guy”
On the opposite end, other men focus on not being a sexual threat and only building comfort. They’ll say things like “So, where are you from? Do you come here often?” before the woman knows anything about who this guy is. Share yourself first, and that will make her feel more comfortable sharing herself with you. And keeping the conversation fact-based is artificial. It’s best to make her FEEL first. Ironically, “The Nice Guy” technique still telegraphs sexual interest. He’s still trying to “get” but in hidden way. Giving favors, gifts, compliments, early protestations of love, and being afraid to rock the boat isn’t really giving because something is expected in return. It’s okay to be a sexual threat. In fact, to create sexual tension you need to be.
3. Not qualifying or listening (Attracting but No Comfort): “The Player”
When a man attracts a woman first, but skips comfort, and goes straight for the sex, he becomes a player. This has three major drawbacks.
a. Buyer’s Remorse. If you a rush a woman into sex too soon, she may regret it. So, avoid making out with her, especially if you’re in the club, and don’t lead her into the bathroom stall, unless all you want is a one night stand. It’s better to push her away: “We shouldn’t do this here.” Showing constraint is attractive. It also creates comfort and trust with her and increases sexual desire in her as a result. So, kiss her, but push her away. After you’ve built enough comfort, sexually arouse her in PRIVATE.
b. She feels manipulated. For us, it can feel intoxicating when a woman shows interest in us. Before we protest our interest in her though, let her win us over first. Let her show us what she’s about. Let her EARN being with us. Let her WORK for us. After all, you don’t want to sleep with just anyone, do you? If you like who she is as a person, then show interest in her as a person. If we don’t do this, she may feel like she’s just a body and that we just go for anyone. Besides, who values handouts? A player is smooth but rushes to sex. A Venuisan Artist doesn’t push for sex, but gets her to work for us first.
c. Her guard comes up. If you cross the line into seduction too early without listening to her, spending a few hours with her (between 4-10 hours–7 hours on average), bouncing her to different locations, showing a vulnerable, honest side, connecting, laughing, touching comfortably, showing constraint, she will feel uncomfortable with your seducing her. Most likely, she’ll resist. Don’t make sex the priority. Build comfort and trust with her first. By not pouncing, she’ll more likely pounce you.
4. Not Touching Her (Attracting but Stuck in Comfort): “The Friend Zone”
On the opposite end, if a man spends too much time in comfort, he’ll get stuck in the friend zone. This usually happens when we don’t kino her. When we don’t kino, often it’s because we don’t want to “offend.” We won’t “offend” if we’re the friendly guy who speaks with his hands and touches everyone, not just the target. High-fives, hugs, hand-shakes, arm taps are accepted public forms of touch. In a discreet way, also squeeze her hand and see if she squeezes back. If she does, play with her fingers but then drop her hands. This slips sexual feeling into the interaction without being overt about it. When alone, touch her leg with yours, smell her neck, brush a hair from her face to match the gradual escalation of emotional intimacy. Touch eliminates the friend zone.
5. Not creating sexual tension (Do Balance Indicators of Interest with Disinterest)
The “sexual” part of sexual tension comes from taking on the role of a dominant man interacting with a “cute” girl. The “tension” comes from the conflict of play-fighting. Tension is also the feeling of “what will happen next?” To the girl, this is exciting. She feels challenged–her pretty face for once isn’t sufficient to win over this guy. So, we must show disinterest: for example, walk away at the height of an interaction, or make her laugh with a neg instead of giving her a predictable compliment. We must also show interest too: for example smile, touch, show her appreciation when it’s deserved. In this way, we communicate with the woman inside her, not with with her polite, artificial social persona. Play-fight with her. Dominant man versus “cute” girl. This sparks sexual tension, and attraction, in her.
6. Trying Too Hard
Here are some examples of trying too hard: showing off, bragging, exaggerating accomplishments, asking a million questions, not allowing any silences, spending loads of money, entertaining her, trying to make her laugh constantly, getting interested in her way too fast, investing all our energies in one girl. Way too exhausting. The best pickup artists not only hunt, they farm. Go after one girl, get nothing. Go after 10 girls; get 7 awesome pivots and 3 lays (the best of the bunch, of course). You can only choose from the women who choose you. That means if you want to have choice, you have to be the man who talks to a lot of women. How can a girl chase us if we plant our feet in front of her and never move? Lie back and roll off. You’re the prize. Let the woman chase you. Jealousy plotlines can be an integral way to make the most beautiful women chase you.
7. Not Being Prepared
Generating a conversation out of thin air with complete strangers isn’t an easy task, so having some icebreakers prepared helps. Whip out a cheat sheet and fill it with negs, kino (write out the kino, however mundane, with negs and DHVs like stage directions), DHVs, and qualifiers. You’ll need enough material to engage a woman for 25 to 40 minutes, though ultimately you’ll need to fill 7 hours. Of that time, only the first few minutes should be A-2 material. Once we’ve hooked a woman, qualify her. We’ll stale out a set if we over-attract without having her work to attract us. We also demonstrate cluelessness about how to read a woman. Being prepared also means getting into the right state, which is a playful, positive, talkative state. Also, knowing where to bounce girls, and having logistics handled, is part of being prepared, as well as being groomed, clean, having condoms, and gum. Practice in the mirror before going out if you have to, it lends a degree of self-awareness in the field. And when you’re ready for that woman of particular beauty, forget everything and be in the moment. Ironically, preparation makes flow possible.
8. Being Too Logical and Factual
Showing off our intellect doesn’t create attraction. Our intellect speaks to her logic, not her emotions. Not smiling, keeping a monotone, factual voice, and being silent altogether doesn’t create attraction either. Where’s the juice? Women respond much more to a man who smiles and who’s expressive. This shows warmth and feeling. Women would rather feel. Rather than explain, or talk about facts and logic, or be overly serious, talk about emotional subjects, play with her, sweep her up into your arms and dance, talk about things that light you up. Passion and enthusiasm are aphrodisiacs for women. When you’re enthusiastic about something, she’ll be swept up in those good feelings and won’t want to part from them. Make a woman feel wonderful. She’ll associate feeling wonderful with you.
9. Demonstrating Lower Value
When we portray ourselves in a lower-value way with women, it kills her attraction for us. The way we portray ourselves begins in our thoughts. Instead of focusing on our insecurities in our thoughts, highlight strengths and accomplishments. Then when we’re talking with women, our positive light will naturally shine through, which increases her attraction for us. As a side note, self-deprecating humor only works when everyone is aware of one’s strengths. It becomes a form of humility, which is attractive. But when we self-deprecate without our strengths to contrast it with, it’s uncomfortable. So, why not meditate on our strengths in our thoughts? That way we grow into men of the highest value, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
10. Fearing What She Thinks of You
Who cares what she might think of us? For that matter, who cares what anyone might think of us? All the great pickup artists seem to have one thing in common: social freedom. It’s so much more attractive to walk through the world without fear, especially without the fear of losing other people’s approval. “Approval” from others is flimsy, “approval” from within is solid. More important than getting the girl is serving a deeper purpose than women, and keeping focus on that purpose to its end with all of our hearts. Women can be sunshine in our lives, beautiful and inspiring, but true freedom comes not from getting her or from clinging to her, but from bringing our light into the world. The byproduct, not the goal, is we become a supremely attractive man to women, a man of particular value.